The Page Blog

Hi 👋 from the home improvement experts at The Page. Our Advice page is the one-stop-shop for everyone, whether you’ve just bought your first home, you’re an old timer who knows a trick or two yourself, or you’re just curious, hoping to get on the property ladder soon.

We provide data and advice about the industry and also specific job types e.g. kitchen and bathroom installs. The goal being that you’re as up to speed as possible when having conversations with tradespeople, giving you the highest chance of success.

Our Promise

We started The Page because we both had terrible experiences with tradespeople in London and were adamant we would help others to avoid this.

We also know that things can go wrong sometimes, so our promise is to be here to sort things out when they do.

As a result, along with our strong relationships with all our tradespeople, we have our good deed piggy bank, which we give out at our discretion if something goes wrong.