How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost in London?

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September 25, 2023

If you have found yourself wondering how much a boiler service costs you have come to the right place. This guide covers everything you need to know about the costs involved, how often you should have your boiler serviced and why it’s important to hire an experienced heating engineer.

Boiler Service Costs in London

The cost of a boiler service is by no means a ‘one size fits all’ price, and there are a variety of things that can impact the cost. The average price for a boiler service in London is between £60 to £120 if you use a Gas Safe engineer, and it will take about half a day.

This price can vary depending on the type of boiler. For example, the average cost of an oil or electric boiler service is between £80, but the average cost of a gas boiler service is £100.

If you need an emergency boiler service – for example, if your boiler has stopped working completely and you are without hot water – you can expect to pay somewhere between £100 and £120.

If there is a problem with your boiler, and this is found during the service, you will need to add the cost of fixing it to the service cost. Again, this will vary depending on the problem, the time it takes to fix it and the parts needed.

A new heating pump costs on average between £175 to £200, and it takes around one to two hour’s worth of labour. If you need a replacement thermostat, you can expect to pay between £175 to £225. A replacement fan will set you back between £225 and £275, and installing a new magnetic filter can cost anywhere from £250 to £350.

Why You Need Your Boiler Servicing

A lot of people view a boiler service as being a time consuming and costly annoyance, something to tick off their ‘to do’ list once a year. This means that boiler services are often forgotten about, or they are scheduled at the very last minute, and only once the boiler is showing signs of giving up.

However, boiler servicing is actually an important task that should be done every 12 months, and it should be done by someone registered as Gas Safe. After all, a thorough service requires more than simply lifting the boiler cover and having a quick look at what’s going on underneath. If there’s a problem with your boiler, you need a reputable and recommended expert handling things.

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Health and Reliability

During a boiler service, a Gas Safe engineer will check the health, safety and reliability of your boiler. If anything isn’t working efficiently, or if any parts look as though they need replacing, they will make the necessary repairs. Even if your boiler appears to be working fine, a service from a professional engineer could help you to avoid problems further down the line, which could be most costly and inconvenient to fix.

No Heating or Hot Water

Though a lot of boiler problems start off small, they can result in the boiler breaking down completely, leaving you without any hot water or central heating. When a Gas Safe engineer services your boiler, they will check that everything is in working order. This can also help to reduce your energy bills, as an efficient boiler uses less fuel.


A lot of manufacturers require an annual boiler service to validate boiler warranties, which is important if something were to go wrong and a costly repair was needed. If you do not have your boiler serviced, there is a high chance that the warranty will not be valid. This could leave you out of pocket.

Carbon Monoxide

On a more serious note, a boiler service can help to find problems that could be a health hazard. Without a service, boiler faults typically go unnoticed, and many lead to carbon monoxide leaks. These can be hugely dangerous, but a Gas Safe registered engineer can spot the problem before it gets to that stage.

Factors Affecting the Cost Of a Boiler Service

With so many factors affecting how much you will pay for a boiler service, it’s impossible to give a set fee. There are a lot of variables, including the type of boiler and your location. Here are some of the main things that will influence the cost of your boiler service:

The Type of Boiler

The type of boiler can affect how much a boiler service will cost you. If you have had a boiler for a long time, or it has been a long time since your last service, the cost of your boiler service is likely to be higher. This is because an old boiler is likely to need more repairs to get it working as well as possible. It’s also cheaper to get a common type of boiler serviced, as engineers are more familiar with them and the parts tend to be cheaper.


Combi boilers can be more expensive to service than other types of boiler, simply because they contain a lot of components. They have features such as gas burners, heat exchangers and pumps, all of which need to be looked at by an engineer.


Electric boilers are typically simpler in design compared to combi boilers. This simplicity can result in lower servicing costs, as there are fewer parts that need to be maintained or potentially replaced.


It’s often more expensive to get gas boilers serviced, compared to combi boilers and electric boilers. This is because a Gas Safe engineer will service all of your gas appliances as part of the boiler service, which requires more work. Though this is a more expensive type of boiler to service, it does mean that all of your gas appliances can be checked at the same time, which could reduce the cost overall, if you were planning to have everything serviced separately.


Your oil boiler service cost will depend on a lot of things, but it’s likely to cost you more than servicing a gas boiler. This is because oil boilers use a tank to power the boiler, and this needs to be filled a few times throughout the year. This is extra work that gas boilers, combi boilers and electric boilers don’t require.

If You Have Cover

If you have boiler cover, or you pay towards a boiler service plan, you might find the cost of an annual boiler service to be cheaper. This is because the cost of your service is spread out and paid monthly as part of your plan, rather as one lump sum. With boiler cover, a lot of policies include an annual boiler service, meaning that you won’t have to pay extra to have your boiler looked at once a year.

Your Location

It’s common to pay more for a boiler service if you live in an expensive area of London. This is usually due to higher labour costs. You will also pay more if you need a boiler service urgently or if you are calling out of hours. Regardless of your location, boiler services cost more in the evenings and at weekends.

Legal Obligations

Unless you are a landlord, there are no legal obligations to have an annual boiler service. However, without an annual boiler service, it’s likely that your boiler warranty will become invalid. Though there are no legal obligations to have your boiler repaired or serviced, it’s an important part of ensuring that it’s safe to use.

If you are a landlord, you must ensure that all boilers installed in your properties are serviced once every 12 months. This is a legal requirement and it must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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Saving Money

The cost of a boiler service can be daunting, but there are ways to save money.

Annual Service Plan

If you are looking to spread the cost of your boiler service, look into whether your boiler company offers an annual service plan. This is a plan that you pay for monthly, and it can often work out cheaper than paying for everything in one go. Not only does this avoid any unexpected and large costs for repairs, but it ensures that your boiler will be serviced on an annual basis.

Shop Around

There are a lot of Gas Safe engineers out there, and the cost to get your boiler serviced can vary hugely. This will depend on a lot of factors, so it’s always a good idea to shop around. You are likely to find that local engineers are cheaper, as they don’t have to factor in as many overheads, such as travel.

Boiler Warranties

Before paying out for a boiler service, check to see if the price is covered under your boiler warranty. If your boiler is still relatively new and has been installed recently, there’s a good chance that you will be covered for the cost of a service. There is also a chance that your home insurance covers your boiler for services and repairs, so that is always worth looking into.

New Boiler

Though paying for a new boiler to be installed does cost more money than a simple repair, it could be a way of saving money in the long run. A new boiler and heating system is unlikely to need major repairs any time soon, which isn’t the case for old boilers.,

DIY Vs Professional

Your boiler plays a key part in keeping your home comfortable, warm and enjoyable to live in. If you have any issues with your boiler, you will need to address the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, you could end up without heating or hot water, or with a boiler that’s unsafe. This urgency leads to a lot of people weighing up DIY versus a Gas Safe engineer.

DIY Boiler Repair


DIY boiler repairs can save you money on labour costs, which can quickly add up if the job is a complex one. You will only need to purchase replacement parts and tools, rather than also having to pay for a heating engineer. Of course, being inexperienced at DIY could lead to problems or poor repairs, resulting in more costly issues down the road.


Working on a boiler involves dealing with gas, electricity and complex systems. Incorrect repairs can lead to dangerous situations, including gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.


The majority of boiler manufacturers require professional servicing to maintain boiler warranties, meaning that DIY repairs could void any cover.

Professional Boiler Repair

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Expert Knowledge

Professional Gas Safe engineers are trained and certified to work on boilers safely. They have the knowledge and equipment needed to prevent accidents, whilst ensuring that the boiler is serviced to a high standard. Their extensive experience and training enables them to diagnose problems quickly and provide effective solutions.


Professionals can quickly identify and repair boiler problems, minimising downtime. This means that the discomfort and inconvenience of a faulty boiler only lasts for a short while.


Enlisting a Gas Safe registered professional to repair your boiler is more expensive than doing things yourself, but there’s a guaranteed level of service. You can sit back and relax, knowing that your boiler is in safe hands.

The decision between DIY and professional boiler repair ultimately depends on your level of expertise and the severity of the issue. It’s usually best to hire a professional engineer, after shopping around for the best quote.

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