Frequently Asked Questions

Work done when you want it to be done: We check the availability of the tradespeople for you, so we only send you a shortlist that can complete the job in your given timeframe

Continuous vetting: Our tradespeople have to be continuously recommended so it’s not just one good recommendation they need from a friend, we play the percentages!

More security: As our tradespeople perform multiple jobs via us, they are incentivised to perform to high standards as this will determine the amount and quality of further leads

Halfway house: Posting on social media and asking friends can take time, which some people have and others do not. We help the ones who do not! At the same time we provide the personal service the larger online directories do not

More choice: With over 250 tradespeople now listed with us we have a healthy pool of tradespeople to choose from when sending you a shortlist

Yes, we do the connecting and answer any of your questions throughout the process, and you do the rest
No, we receive a subscription from the tradesperson
You request a job via our form on the website. We send you a shortlist of recommended tradespeople. You directly contact the tradesperson and keep us involved, as much or as little, as you like. You then pay the tradesperson directly
After the tradesperson has been recommended to us, we meet them in person and review their performance after every single job they perform. We undertake all the standard company background checks but more importantly we only list tradespeople on our website who we would feel comfortable inviting into our own homes.
By law, all tradespeople must be gas safe registered to carry out gas work. Gas Safe registered tradespeople carry a personal ID card which you should check for their licence number and expiry date
Yes we 100% would, but we haven’t had to do this to date. We put this down to our hybrid vetting process, combining the standard background checks with the softer background checks. We are only as good as our tradespeople, so this is of huge importance to us
We know that however hard we try, there may be times you are not 100% satisfied by the work done by the tradesperson. Through our strong relationships with the tradespeople we list, we’d first look to resolve any issues by leaning on these relationships. If this can’t be achieved, a portion of the subscription payments we receive goes into our Good Deed Piggy Bank, which can be used at our discretion, on your behalf, if anything ever does go wrong.
Yes, please just ask and we can give you photos and any further information on the tradespeople to make you feel as comfortable as you want
No, we set up The Page as we didn’t trust other online directories when they continuously showed 5 star reviews for everyone! Our platform is small and we trust in our process of onboarding and continuously vetting tradespeople. Until it’s broken, we won’t fix it.

Our Promise

We started The Page because we both had terrible experiences with tradespeople in London and were adamant we would help others to avoid this.

We also know that things can go wrong sometimes, so our promise is to be here to sort things out when they do.

As a result, along with our strong relationships with all our tradespeople, we have our good deed piggy bank, which we give out at our discretion if something goes wrong.