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Waste less time driving.
Spend more time earning.

PageR helps you fill your schedule with jobs that our close to other jobs, enabling you to earn more, drive less and have a better environmental impact


PageR connects a home improver’s job request to you doing work in your locality.

You’re able to fill in the gaps in your schedule and spend less time driving from job to job, whilst the home improver is able to get work done cheaper and more carbon efficiently.

PageR is currently in Beta mode and looking for awesome tradespeople like yourselves and home improvers to test it. We hope to be able to thank you and home improvers in the future, with lower costs, less time driving and more time at home.

Our Promise

We started The Page because we both had terrible experiences with tradespeople in London and were adamant we would help others to avoid this.

We also know that things can go wrong sometimes, so our promise is to be here to sort things out when they do.

As a result, along with our strong relationships with all our tradespeople, we have our good deed piggy bank, which we give out at our discretion if something goes wrong.