How Much a Glazier Costs – Average Hourly and Daily Rates

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October 24, 2023

If you have a smashed window, are looking for a new glass window to be installed or are simply wondering how much a glazier costs, then read on.

In this article we’ll not only let you know how much you can expect to pay for a glazier, but also the type of work a glazier can do for you, as well as where to find such as professional.

What a Glazier Does

A glazier is a professional tradesperson you’ll call to repair broken glass in a window, install a new double-glazed window (with frame) and do jobs like fitting sliding door panels, glass partitions and glass doors.

Average Hourly and Day Rates for Glaziers

How much you’ll pay for the job carried out by a glazier depends mainly on what the job is and where you live. If the glazier has to travel quite a distance or you live in London then you’ll pay more than hiring someone in the same town or city.

Also, hire a specialist glazier (ie one with an excellent reputation) and you’ll pay extra.

Day Rates

You can typically expect to pay between £160 to £400 per day for a glazier here in the UK.

Hourly Rates

Expect to pay anything from £20 to £60 per hour for glazier costs. Having said that, if it’s a standard job, such as having glass replaced then you may be charged a fixed rate, such as around £120 per new glass window (depending on whether it’s a single pane or a double glazed window).

London Glazier Costs

You’ll always be charged more for a glazier if your property is in London. That’s because of the cost of living there. Your glazier may also have to pay high parking and congestion charges for attending the job.

Factors That Affect Costs

There are many factors that can have an influence on the cost of your project. This includes the type of job, whether or not it’s an emergency, and the type of new glass you are having fitted. The size of the project ie how many square meters of glass you’re having fitted will also matter as that will have an impact on labour costs.

What You Need Doing

It may be that you need glass replaced. This could be because the glass is cracked or there’s too big a gap between the pane and the window frame and it’s letting in draughts. The most common reason glaziers are called upon, it doesn’t take long to fit replacement glass.

Then again, it may be that you are having an extension built and you’d like glass panel sliding doors. That’s a whole other ball game in terms of both material and labour costs.

How Urgent the Job Is

If you need to call out a glazier in the evening, on a weekend or on a public holiday, then you’ll pay more for the inconvenience. This tends to happen when a double glazed window or similar has been smashed due to an object, such as a football, going through it. A smashed window can also be the result of storm damage where a piece of wood or fallen roof tile goes through the glass.

Glass Types

The make-up of the panes of glass you’re having fitted will also affect the cost of your project.

These days it’s more common to have double glazing fitted or even triple glazing. Both are more expensive than single glazing because there are argon-filled gaps between the glass panes. They boast far more energy efficiency so you’ll pay less over time on heating costs.

Laminated glass has a layer of vinyl between the glass panes. This makes it more difficult to cut and improves its shatter resistance qualities. Five times stronger than laminated glass is toughened glass which can withstand even more pressure.

Wired glass is where the glass panel is reinforced with wire mesh. Like toughened glass it’s strong. It’s actually a form of safety glass due to the fact it’s fire-resistant. And, naturally, you’ll most often find it installed in fire doors.

Solar control glass is glass with a specialist coating so that it deters the glare of the sun, making the room less likely to overheat. It’s also very energy efficient.

Window Types

The type of window you’re having the glass replaced in will also matter when it comes to cost. Some are larger and more complicated to fit than others which will add to labour costs.

The majority of windows in the UK today are of the casement variety, making it easy for a glazier to replace glass. Side hinges allow the window to open outwards.

Tilt and turn windows open into a room so that they can be cleaned more easily. They’re good for families with young children since the gap is easily controlled.

Sash windows are usually found on older Victorian and Georgian properties. The windows slide up or down using small weights.

Another feature usually found in older homes are bay windows are rounded and project outwards from the wall.

Window Frames

When having new glass fitted many householders also opt to have new window frames at the same time. And even if they didn’t choose this, it can be a necessity in many cases. That can be because the existing window frame is too old or too flimsy to hold the heavier energy-efficient glass many people want these days.

Glass is usually calculated per meter. The average costs for a glass pane and window frame for a window measuring 60cm × 60cm vary from £250 to £300

Costs for Common Jobs

The following are the average costs for typical glazing projects:

  • Replacing a broken window pane – £110 (single glazing) £120 (double glazing) £150 (triple glazing).
  • New double glazing for eight windows and two uPVC doors – £6,000 to £15,000
  • Glass replacement for the same windows and doors – £2,000 to £7,000.
  • New single pane glazing for eight windows and two uPVC doors – £1,500 – £3,000
  • Single pane glass replacement for the same windows and doors – £500 to £1,500
  • Installing a new glass door – £300 to £800
  • Replacing glass door – £200 – £600
  • Installing a glass partition – £300 to £1,000 per square metre
  • Installing a mirror – £100 to £300

DIY Vs Hiring a Professional

It’s possible to fit window glass yourself, provided you have the knowledge and skillset. You’ll have to seal the windows well in order for them to be effective, for instance.

Glass is fragile and easily broken so it’s not wise to attempt such a project if it’s your first time. It’s a far better idea to call in a professional. Not only will they fit it properly, but should anything happen to the window it will still be under warranty.

Also, glass which isn’t fitted properly can be dangerous and in the worst-case scenario could cause an injury if the glass window pane was to fall out and land on someone. That in itself could result in a hefty compensation claim.

Another reason for getting a professional glazier to handle your project is that they can advise on the different types of glass available and which would be better for your needs.

Finding a Glazier

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If you’ve never had the need to hire a glazier before and don’t really know where to start, then here are a few ways you can do just that:

The Page

Here at The Page, we can send you a curated list of professional glaziers in your area, suited to the type of project you have in mind.

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All tradespeople have been personally vetted by our team to give you peace of mind. This means we have checked their qualifications, previous work and professional identity.

Online Search

You can always take a look online to see if there are any tradespeople living locally who specialise in fitting double glazed windows or similar. Check to see if they have good reviews and if they can show past examples of their work. You’ll also want them to have membership of a recognised association in the sector, such as the Glass and Glazing Association.

Ask Around

A recommendation from a family member or friend is always a good starting point when looking for a professional to fit new glass windows. If not work colleagues, and neighbours may also be able to help. Just remember to get quotes from around three glaziers to give you an idea of average costs.

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Let The Page curate you a bespoke shortlist of tradespeople suited to you and your job.

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