How Much Does a Cleaner Cost? Average Hourly Rates

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November 21, 2023

Before hiring a cleaner, it’s important to know how much you can expect to pay for house cleaning services.

Though there are a lot of factors that a cleaner will take into account before providing a quote – such as the size of your home, how regularly your house needs a clean and whether you require carpet cleaning – having an idea of the average hourly rate is beneficial.

We have taken a look at how much you can expect to pay for a house cleaning service in the UK.

Average Costs to Hire a Cleaner

Before you hire a professional to provide domestic cleaning, it’s a good idea to know how far your budget will go. There isn’t always a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to cleaner costs, as a quote will be given depending on the size of your home and whether you choose an independent cleaner to clean your home.

You can get an idea of how much cleaning costs by looking at the average hourly rates.


The average cost of hiring a weekly cleaner is £20 per hour, or £15 per hour for an independent cleaner. This figure could change depending on where you are located and the amount of work required. You will probably find that your chosen house cleaner works on a ‘cost per hour’ basis.


If you hire a cleaner on a daily basis, you can expect to pay between £15 to £25 per hour. Some cleaners will provide a discount for a significant amount of work, such as only charging for six hours of a seven hour working day.


The average weekly cleaner cost is £45, based on three hours of cleaning per week. This is slightly cheaper than hiring a cleaner on an hourly basis, as the cleaner is guaranteed a set amount of work.

Costs in London

As is often the case, the cost of cleaning services in London tends to be higher than elsewhere. Cleaning services in London are usually charged between £12 and £22 per hour, which is slightly higher than cleaning services outside of the city.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

The average cost of end of tenancy cleaning is around £300, but this can vary based on a variety of factors. For example, you should expect to pay more for larger properties, and those that require deep cleaning.

Factors Affecting Overall Costs

When you are enlisting the services of a cleaning company, you need to think about the cost. It’s hard to give an exact cost of cleaning, as cleaning services can vary significantly based on several factors. Whether you are hiring a cleaner for a one off deep clean or for weekly cleaning, understanding what impacts the overall cost is key.

House Size

The size of your home is one of the biggest factors that influences the cost of cleaning services. Larger homes require more time and effort to clean thoroughly, and cleaning costs will reflect this. The square footage of your home directly affects the amount of work that needs to be done, as does the number of rooms.

Cleaning Frequency

Another important factor to consider is the frequency of cleaning. Opting for weekly, fortnightly or monthly services will have a substantial impact on the overall cost.

Regular cleaning is likely to be more cost effective on a ‘per day’ basis, as the cleaning will require less time and effort, compared to a rare deep clean.

Some cleaning services offer discounts for loyal customers, making it a budget friendly option if you want to hire a regular cleaner.

House With Pets

Households with pets often require more intensive cleaning as pet hair, dander and the occasional accident can create extra work. Many cleaning services charge extra for pet related cleaning tasks, so this is something to consider when you are looking for quotes.

Number of Bedrooms

The number of bedrooms in your home will affect the cost of professional cleaning. Each room requires specific cleaning tasks, and a higher number of rooms means more work for the cleaner.

Number of Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be time consuming to clean, so it makes sense that the number and size of your bathrooms will influence the cost of cleaning services. Larger bathrooms or those with more fixtures will require extra time and effort.


How much you can expect to pay for cleaning varies by location. The cost of cleaning services is influenced by the cost of living in your area and the competition among cleaning companies. Urban areas, such as London and other busy cities, usually have higher rates compared to rural regions.

Jobs a Cleaner Will Do

When you hire a cleaner, you can take advantage of a range of services. Cleaners are responsible for a variety of cleaning tasks, all of which are centred around maintaining the cleanliness of your home or workplace. The specific duties and responsibilities of a cleaner will vary depending on what you need, and cleaning services are usually offered on a bespoke basis.

  • General Cleaning – Professional cleaners will handle all of your general cleaning needs including dusting surfaces, furnitures and fixtures. They will also sweep, mop and hoover the floors. Cleaning worktops, tables and surfaces are also included in general cleaning.
  • Bathroom Cleaning – A cleaner will handle cleaning and disinfecting toilets, sinks and bathroom fixtures. They will also clean mirrors, surfaces and ensure your bathroom looks as clean as possible.
  • Kitchen Cleaning – There is a lot that goes into kitchen cleaning, but all of the jobs can be handed over to a professional cleaning company. This includes cleaning and sanitising appliances, countertops and sinks, and wiping down surfaces.
  • Floor Cleaning – One of the most common jobs for a cleaner is cleaning household floors. This includes sweeping and mopping hard floors, hoovering carpets and rugs, and polishing.
  • Dusting and Polishing – It doesn’t take long for dust to build up around the house, but a cleaner can keep on top of things. They can dust and polish furniture, fixtures, surfaces and ornaments.
  • Window Cleaning – Many people forget that window cleaning is a service that professional cleaners offer. Services include cleaning windows and glass, removing streaks and smudges, and cleaning window frames and sills.

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaner

There is no denying the popularity of hiring a cleaner and it’s something that a lot of people do, especially those who don’t have the time to keep on top of house cleaning themselves. This is largely because of the various benefits that come with organising a professional cleaning service, whether you do that on a per per week or per month basis.

Save Time

Regular cleaning can be time consuming but, by outsourcing this task, you free up a considerable amount of your time. This is time that you can spend on more important or enjoyable activities, such as work, family or hobbies, knowing that professional cleaners are taking care of things.

Maintain Cleanliness

Local cleaners are trained to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and they are able to provide a more consistent level of cleaning, compared to doing it yourself or relying on occasional help from family or friends. When you hire a cleaner, you can enjoy the fact that your home is consistently clean and tidy.

Cleaning Expertise

Cleaning companies have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to clean efficiently and effectively. They use the right cleaning products and techniques to achieve the best results.

Health Benefits

Whether you are hiring a cleaning agency for your home or workplace, a clean environment is an important part of maintaining your health. Professional cleaners can help to eliminate allergens, bacteria and germs, improving the overall cleanliness of your home or workspace.

Reduced Stress

Cleaning can be a stressful and physically demanding task, and it can feel overwhelming if you already have a busy day ahead. Hiring a cleaner can reduce this stress, giving you time to relax and focus on more important matters.

Improved Productivity

A clean and organised space can boost productivity and creativity. At home, this creates a welcoming and relaxing place to unwind. For businesses, this can lead to increased employee morale and efficiency.

Specialised Services

Professional cleaners usually offer specialised services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, furniture cleaning and deep cleaning, which can be difficult to do on your own. A professional cleaner can tailor their services to your individual needs.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your space is being cared for by trained professionals can provide peace of mind, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. You can relax, knowing that your cleaning tasks are being completed to a high standard.

Cost Effective

Though hiring a cleaner does come at an additional cost, it can be a cost effective solution when you consider the time and effort you save. A lot of the time, the average cost of independent cleaners is less than you expect.

Where to Find a Cleaner

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Online Search

One of the easiest ways to find a cleaner is to look online. With a quick search, you will have access to a long list of cleaners in your local area. You can then connect with the cleaning companies that stand out as offering what you need and compare quotes, before making your final decision.

Ask Around

When you are searching for a reliable cleaner, it can be hard to narrow down your options. Regardless of where you are located, you will find that there are a lot of cleaners available, but it’s important to choose someone who is fully insured, experienced and able to provide a wide range of cleaning services. Asking friends, family, neighbours and colleagues for recommendations is a good way to find a cleaner that ticks every box. You can hire them, knowing that someone else has been satisfied with what they have to offer.

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