How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Fridge Freezer?

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October 9, 2023

Having a fridge freezer repaired needn’t cost the earth, and it’s certainly a lot less expensive than buying a new one. Most fridge freezer repairs are easily fixed, often requiring simply replacement parts.

So you don’t get caught out by the freezer repair costs, it’s a good idea to know roughly how much replacement parts are, together with the likely cost of labour, as well as any possible call-out fee.

That way you’ll be able to put money aside for future repairs, ensuring you get your freezer fixed as soon as possible. After all, our fridge freezers are pretty much an essential part of everyday living now, here in the UK.

You can expect to pay anything from £75 to £120 for freezer repair costs requiring a replacement part. The labour charge will vary but if you book a repair company with fixed costs per hour then you’ll have a better idea. Not every company will charge a call-out fee so make sure you ask beforehand.

Factors Affecting Freezer Repair Costs

Where you live in the UK will also affect the price – in London you’ll always pay more for a tradesman, for instance, due to the higher cost of living there. But there are other factors at play too, when it comes to calculating fridge freezer repair costs. These include:

Appliance Age

The age and condition of your fridge freezer will affect the appliance repair cost. That’s because there may be a problem acquiring replacement parts for older freezers, and which will then increase the fee due to the admin involved. If the condition is poor then it may be time to just purchase a new model.

Type of Freezer

The make and model of your freezer will also have a bearing on the cost of the appliance repairs. Replacement parts for high-end models will obviously cost more.

Different types of freezers will also affect the repair cost. Chest freezers tend to be bigger and hold more than upright freezers, for instance. A built-in domestic appliance can be more complicated to fix than a stand-alone model so this will also affect the overall price you’ll pay for the repair.

Problem Severity

The size and difficulty of domestic appliance repairs will affect the price – the more complicated the problem, the longer it will take to fix and the higher the labour charge. This is often the case when it’s a problem with the freezer’s control board, compressor or thermostat.

Warranty Coverage

If your warranty is still in date then it could be that your fridge freezer repairs will be paid for by the manufacturer. If the fault is down to your own negligence though then they may, understandably, refuse to pay for the freezer to be fixed.

DIY vs. Professional Repairs

A repair man moving a fridge

Attempting any DIY repairs on your freezer can nullify your warranty for a domestic appliance. Not only that, but you may cause further damage to the freezer with the result you may have to replace it entirely in the worst-case scenario.

Common Freezer Problems and Costs

There can be a whole range of reasons why your freezer isn’t working properly. Here are some of the main problems, and what you can typically expect the repair cost to be:

Compressor Replacement

The compressor in a freezer is responsible for keeping the temperature balanced. It achieves this through ensuring coolant and freezer gases move through the until. A problem with the compressor can cause the temperature to spike or drop and become unbalanced over time. Replacing the compressor can cost anything from £205 up to £535.

Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat also helps control the temperature in your freezer. When not working the temperature in the freezer may not be cold enough to freeze the food properly. Alternatively, it may result in the fridge freezer becoming too cold and difficult to access. In order to repair the thermostat a freezer engineer will have to locate the thermostat and adjust it to the proper temperature. You can expect to pay anything from £60 to £250 for a replacement thermostat.

In some cases, it may be the defrost thermostat that has the issue. When working this prevents frost building up inside the freezer. To replace this, you will pay from £60 to £165.

Freon Leak Repair

Freon is a type of gas used by freezers. If a pipe or connection fails because it’s broken or simply stops working, then some gas may leak out of the freezer and into the atmosphere. Usually, in this situation, it’s often a good idea to replace the freezer rather than attempt to repair it.

Door Seal Replacement

A faulty door seal can affect your freezer’s efficiency by not allowing the appliance to maintain a steady temperature. Warm air will seep in if the door seal has come loose, or is cracked. At the same time, cold air can leak out. A large build-up of frost inside the freezer can often indicate a problem seal. The repair cost can be anything from £80 and £330 depending on how badly damaged it is in the first place.

Average Cost Estimates

The average cost to have your fridge freezer repaired depends mainly on the problem to hand, of course. A broken seal on an upright stand-alone freezer can come in at around £165 for instance, while the average cost for a built-in freezer which needs a new compressor is around £535.

National Average Repair Cost

On a national level, you’re looking at paying between £80 and £300 for a typical fridge freezer repair cost, depending on the fault as well as the freezer make and model. A mere replacement bulb can cost around £40, while a major part can cost £535.

Price Range for Specific Repairs

These are average costs for the following fridge-freezer repairs:

  • Thermostat – £80 to £360
  • Defrost motor – £80 to £350
  • Control board – £650 to £660 depending on level of complexity
  • Compressor – £165 to £330 to repair a leak or replace the compressor unit
  • Re-gassing – £165 to £410
  • Floor – £205 to £535
  • Ice maker – £270 to fix or (better still) replace for £50 to £180
  • Door seal – £40 to £360
  • Door – £85 to £330
  • Coils – £85 to £360

How to Save on Freezer Repair Costs

There are many ways you can cut back on the cost of your freezer repairs. Here are some of the main ones right here:

Regular Maintenance Tips

Like any piece of machinery, technology etc that is used on a regular basis, it’s always best to regularly maintain or service it rather than pay for an expensive repair when it no longer works as it should.

And that’s why having your freezer maintained regularly can certainly cut back on the repair cost. A freezer engineer will be able to ‘nip any problems in the bud’ by spotting when a piece of equipment looks as if it could do with a replacement part. He or she can also clean the condenser coils and check everything is in good working order. A couple of hours maintenance can save you lots of hours of repair work further down the line.

Troubleshooting DIY Tips

Have an issue with your freezer but not sure exactly what it is? Then here are a few troubleshooting DIY tips it’s worth trying out before you contact a professional engineer:

  • Is the door seal closing properly?
  • Check the temperature setting hasn’t been moved
  • Ensure there’s enough room for airflow
  • Is anything restricting the air vents?
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Test the defrost heater to make sure it’s working

Seeking Multiple Quotes

By getting several quotes for your fridge freezer repair you’ll get a good idea of what you should be expected to pay. Some freezer repair engineers may charge a higher cost, based on their experience and reputation, while someone just starting out, may charge less. It may be that the repair is so minor that you won’t require the services of the more expensive engineer. However, a complicated fix may prove too much for the just-qualified tradesman.

Hiring a Professional vs. DIY

It always makes sense to hire a professional to fix your freezer than to attempt to repair it yourself.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

An experienced freezer engineer will not only have the knowledge to fix the domestic appliance repair, but he or she will also have the tools to do so. They will know where to get the required part and have the contacts to get it quickly and at trade price.

Pros and Cons of DIY Repairs

It can be tempting to try to repair your freezer yourself using a YouTube video to save on the cost of calling out a freezer engineer. But, if it’s a complex problem then it really isn’t worth it – chances are you may just make the issue worse, leading to even more expensive appliance repairs at a later date.

Repairs Vs Buying a New Freezer

On the whole, it’s best to get your fridge freezer repaired rather than pay out for a new model. This is especially true if your appliance is just a few years old and has never been repaired.

Finding Someone to Repair Your Freezer

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