How Much Value Does a New Bathroom Add to a House?

A modern bathroom

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August 8, 2023

Just like a refurbished kitchen, a new bathroom could certainly add value to your property. To the extent, you can expect to add anything from four to five per cent to when you come to sell. Whether you recoup that additional cash or not, depends on how carefully you plan your new bathroom installation.

Value Added by a New Bathroom

Certainly, bathroom trends have changed in recent years so, if you want your home to remain looking contemporary then it’s a good idea to have a bathroom refurbishment every seven years or so.

If you plan on putting your home on the property market it might be a good idea to consider a new bathroom. Why? Because, like kitchens, people care about bathrooms. They too have become a focal point in recent years, especially with the craze for the ‘spa-type’ bathroom in our own home.

If you’re asking yourself, how much value a new bathroom add, then it’s not quite as clear cut as our opening paragraph would have you believe. That four to five per cent increase was for an existing bathroom refurbishment. Adding an additional bathroom to your home is a whole new ball game.

It does, however, add further value to your home. Adding a new bathroom can cost anything from £3000 up to £7,000. If it involves a loft conversion or adding an extension then you’re looking at forking out far more money – in the region of £25,000 to £50,000, in fact.

A bathroom sink with white tiles around it

Value Added by an Additional Bathroom

According to bathroom design experts, the way to save money when having a new bathroom added to your home is to cut back on fancy fixtures and fittings. It’s far more important to have your new extension or conversion structurally sound.

It’s a good idea to have both a downstairs bathroom and one upstairs. Not only does it mean guests can use the downstairs room, but it’s also more convenient for going to the toilet during the night.

Bathroom Types and Styles

Again, when wondering ‘how much value does a new bathroom add’ it depends on the type of bathroom you install and how broad its appeal is. Also, how much it costs to have fitted.

When it comes to style you can choose between a relaxing ‘spa-type’ bathroom, a large family bathroom or a minimalist, functional space.

Walk-in showers are popular these days and good for families. A roll-top, freestanding bath is perfect for a sanctuary-style bathroom. For luxury opt for a jacuzzi bath.

It’s not uncommon to find bathrooms with two basins in contemporary bathrooms. This ‘his’ and ‘her’ arrangement means two people can use the room at the same time – a must for busy people rushing off to work and a good selling point.

A luxury shower can prove popular too, especially a version with different showerheads, LED lighting and even a radio attached. Glass and sliding shower doors give the impression of more space in the room, while some people love the idea of a wet room.

What to Do to Add Extra Value

To make sure your new bathroom installation makes an impact when you’re looking to sell, then there are certain additional you can make. These include:

  • Add value by installing an extractor fan. That way you shouldn’t have any problems with dampness.
  • Add luxury vinyl or ceramic floor tiles. Porcelain tiles can be slippery, while wood flooring can become wet over time and rot.
  • Add a new and contemporary bathroom suite in a neutral colour. That way it will appeal to most buyers.
  • If you have two bathrooms then you should be able to ensure you have at least one bath and shower (most people prefer to have the choice of both).
  • A heated towel rail is a great addition to any bathroom – and anyway, it’s pretty much expected nowadays.
  • If you’re going to the bother of putting in new flooring then why not add underfloor heating? It’s a luxury that buyers really do appreciate.
  • Make sure there is enough storage space, such as built-in cupboards – otherwise the bathroom will look constantly cluttered. A drawer at the side of the bath is a good idea but under the sink works well too.
  • Good lighting and mirrors in the bathroom add to the feeling of more space and brightness. Lighting is also ‘a must’ for a spa bathroom.

New Bathroom Costs

A newly fitted bathroom

A basic suite for a new bathroom costs between £700 and £10,000 – £20,000. That’s a lot of money but the good news is you’re more than likely to recoup the cash. That’s because a well-installed additional bathroom can add as much as £25,000 on to the value of a property.

But what do we mean by ‘well-installed?’ Well, we’re not taking about the ability of the tradesman who is fitting your bathroom here, but actually all the little tips and tricks that bring a typical bathroom up to the level of an extraordinary bathroom. For instance:

Bathroom furniture

High gloss furniture can make a small bathroom look larger than it actually is. So too can a neutral colour scheme in general.


Splashes of colour and darker paint shades can give depth to a bathroom. It can also add the feeling of more space.

Where to Build an Additional Bathroom

If your master bedroom is big enough, then you can consider adding an ensuite to it. This definitely appeals to the majority of buyers since most people like the idea of not having to share a bathroom – even if it’s with their own children.

If you’ve recently built a guest room ie in a loft conversion or extension then putting a bathroom nearby makes perfect sense.

Finding a Bathroom Installer

Now that you’ve chosen your bathroom suite and want to go ahead with the installation, it’s time to find your bathroom installer. There are several ways you can do this. Here are the main routes right here:

The Page – We have a large number of bathroom fitters signed up to The Page. Get in touch and we will send you a curated list based on your specific requirements.

Ask Other People – Friends, colleagues, neighbours, distant family members – some of these may have had a bathroom installed recently. If so, ask if they’d recommend their bathroom installer.

Online DirectoriesTrustMark is a government-run scheme with an online directory. All members are carefully vetted for qualifications, identity and business practices. Buy with Confidence is another rated scheme. Members are vetted by a trading standards officer. He or she checks for previous convictions and audits the business.

Facebook Groups – The Builders and Tradesmen Advice Group, Local Tradespeople UK and Find a Tradesman UK all have a Facebook page where you can chat with members for advice. You can also check your local town or city’s Facebook page to ask for local recommendations. Bear in mind the recommendations may not always be genuine, however.

Trade Associations – The Federation of Master Builders (FMB), Gas Safe Register, National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) and the heating industry OFTEC are all membership bodies. Any contractor signed up to a trade association has been independently inspected and their work recommended.

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