How Much Value Does a New Kitchen Add to a House?

A new kitchen

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August 14, 2023

Having a brand-new kitchen installed is one of the best things you can do to boost the market value of a house.

If you are wondering how much value a new kitchen adds, then it’s not always easy to get a straight answer. There are plenty of different factors at play – not least UK property market conditions at the time.

We have listed most of that factors right here in this article. If you are considering a new kitchen extension or even a small kitchen renovation, then do take the time to read it through. After all, you want your new kitchen to prove financially viable – otherwise, you’d be as well selling right now, with no extra profits to put towards a new home.

Value Added by a New Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the area where everyone in the home congregates at several times during the day ie the focal point of the home. It’s also where we tend to eat with family and friends. So, upgrading the kitchen area or renovating it entirely makes sense if you want to appeal to a new home buyer. How much profit you make on the kitchen renovation depends on the quality of your new kitchen upgrade, the size of the room and what the design itself is like.

Most new kitchen renovations though, can add around 10 per cent in added value to a property. So, it is definitely something worth doing – provided you get it right.

If your current kitchen is tired and outdated then it makes sense to upgrade. The secret to making a profit is to keep the renovation neutral so that it will appeal to most home buyers. Quirky design will put people off and they’ll factor in costs for redoing the kitchen – and that means you won’t get as much money when you come to sell. Also, not everyone appreciates ‘high-end’ appliances and fittings.

It’s easy to make a big difference to a kitchen without spending much money. For instance, instead of having new cabinets fitted, simply use the shells and fit new doors instead and simply add new worktops. New tiling and a lick of paint can really add a fresh look too.

Another way to calculate how much value a new kitchen adds, is to compare how much you spend on your renovation to the value of your overall home. If your home is worth £100,000 and you spend £40,000 on a new kitchen then it’s highly unlikely you’ll recoup that spend. Instead, kitchen designers usually recommend spending from eight to 10 per cent of what the property is worth to add value to your home.

A kitchen and dining table

Value Added by a Kitchen Extension

A kitchen extension is a much bigger undertaking than simply refurbishing your existing kitchen. And, because of this, you can expect it to add up to 12 per cent in monetary value when you come to sell your home. Certainly, these days open-plan living is pretty much au rigueur, with a kitchen extension often at the heart of this contemporary design style.

House extensions of all kinds will typically add value to your home. A single-storey kitchen extension can add up to roughly 10-12% to the value of a property. Adding any additional living space will boost your home’s value, and a kitchen extension, particularly a modern open-plan kitchen and living room space is a very popular feature when it comes to selling a property.

Kitchen Types and Styles

There are lots of kitchen design types currently on the market – from traditional country kitchen Shaker style to contemporary, glossy minimalist looks, and everything in between. But upgrading your kitchen isn’t just about adding fabulous new cabinetry or a central kitchen island. You can also concentrate on areas such as lighting, worktops and upgrading the flooring.

What to Do to Add Extra Value

Before you start planning your kitchen renovation or extension, consider how you can improve the existing layout. For instance, can you add more storage in the new kitchen? Would changing the layout lead to the room feeling larger? Sometimes even better lighting can lead to a room feeling airier and lighter.


Is the size of your existing kitchen big enough for the new kitchen that you’re planning ie would a kitchen island disrupt the flow of the room? If so, would it be better to fit a breakfast bar? Make sure the kitchen triangle (ie the sink, fridge and cooker) are all easy to access from one position.


Is the brand-new kitchen you want suitable for the current design of your home ie does it make the rest of the house look dowdy and out of place? If you don’t plan on redecorating the rest of your home then you could maybe opt for a more ‘neutral’ or low-key kitchen design.


There are plenty of beautiful Shaker-style neutral designs available these days, or even clean-lined, minimalist and handle-less designs. Often you don’t need to rip out the cabinets but simply replace the doors instead.


You can choose from worktops made from easy to maintain composite worktops in a variety of different colours, all the way up to solid marble. Like the cabinets, worktops can create a big impact in a kitchen. You don’t have to spend a fortune on the worktops for them to fit in beautifully with the rest of your kitchen colour scheme.


Lighting really matters in a kitchen, especially since we tend to use our kitchen both during the day time and at night. So, kitchen lighting that can switch from task for prepping vegetables, to ambient for a cosy supper late at night, and at literally the flick of a switch, makes a difference to the design. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island is a very contemporary look, so too is under-cabinet lighting and even island baseboard lighting.


Altering the colour scheme of your kitchen, adding a stand-out splashback design or simply changing the tiles, can all make a big difference to the way your kitchen looks. And, after all, first impressions do count.

Fixtures and Fittings

Fancy kitchen cabinet and drawer handles, a knock-out central kitchen light fitting or fabulous new taps, can all prove a winner in a kitchen refurbishment project. Even contemporary light switches can make a difference.


Built-in appliances are popular these days since they tend to take up less space. An energy-efficient dishwasher, washing machine and fridge freezer etc can also prove a strong selling point when you put a property on the market. Coordinated appliances give an elegant, streamlined look to any kitchen.


Is there enough storage space in the new design to contain a kitchen parlour? This is an excellent solution for storing foodstuffs. If there’s not, then you could consider a pull-out parlour. Not only does this cut back on clutter, but this type of design feature – along with pull-out cupboards – also keep the kitchen looking clean and efficient.


The type of flooring you choose for your kitchen installation can make a huge difference to its overall appearance. Light floor boards or neutral-coloured luxury vinyl tiles can help ‘open up’ a room by adding lightness. Then again, if the rest of the kitchen is neutral and you’re looking to add the ‘wow’ factor then a vibrantly coloured floor can work wonders. Black and white tiles can also prove a smart ‘café-style’ design touch.

Tech and Gadgets

A built-in coffee machine and an automatic drinks dispenser with ice are gadgets people will probably use so it makes sense to install these in a new kitchen. But too much smart technology can put people off. It’s best to let the new owners install their own.

A brown kitchen

New Kitchen Costs

An average kitchen can set you back from £6,000 up to £12,000. The quality of the units and fixtures or fittings, size of the kitchen and the appliances all make a difference to the cost of the final invoice. So too does the labour charges, of course.

A luxury kitchen installation can result in costs in the region of £35,000 to £60,000.

Finding a Kitchen Installer

You can find a list of kitchen fitters in your area on The Page by carrying out a search. But you can also look up trade associations and ask other tradesmen, neighbours or colleagues if they can recommend anyone.

Always check the kitchen fitter’s reviews and ask to see previous work they’ve carried out for other clients. You want to make sure they are capable of helping you add value to your home, after all.

Also make sure they are insured so if (heaven forbid) anything goes wrong with your installation (ie they can’t complete it for some reason), you won’t find yourself out of pocket.

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