How Much Do Fitted Wardrobes Cost in London?

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May 21, 2024

Fitted wardrobes are a great way of making the most of your bedroom space. They also look great and can turn an awkward-shaped bedroom into an interior haven. Mainly though, the role of a wardrobe is to keep your bedroom tidy. And the bigger the wardrobe is, chances are the smarter your room will look.

But, as you might expect, bespoke fitted wardrobes don’t come cheap. What they do cost depends on their size, what material they happen to be made from, and what other added extras you’d like included, such as shoe racks, an LED trouser rail etc.

You may be pleasantly surprised to find this is a competitive market and bespoke fitted wardrobes costs may not be as much as you initially think. In this guide we will give you a brief outline of what you can expect to pay for particular fitted wardrobe styles.

Average Costs for Fitted Wardrobes in London

When you buy a fitted wardrobe, you don’t just pay for the wardrobe itself, but also the cost to fit it. In the end, this may seem costly, but you can recoup some of that cash at a later date. That’s because smart, built-to-last wardrobes – and especially those which are custom built – will add value to your house should you come to sell and move on.

Wardrobe Costs

The costs for typical three-door standard fitted wardrobes start at around £2,500, with a mirrored wardrobe of the same size and build costing £2,800.

You can expect to pay an average price of around £3250 for a three-door standard fitted wardrobe. Add on an addition £500 if you’d like the same fitted wardrobe with mirror doors. The cost of fitted wardrobes for a six-door version comes in at around £4,800. The fitted wardrobe cost two sections is around £3,400.

Fitting Costs

Fitting costs are what you’ll pay for a joiner or carpenter to come and put in the wardrobe for you. This typically comes to around £270 a day for a professional.

Factors That Affect Costs

A modern bedroom

There are various factors that will determine overall fitted wardrobe costs. We’ve listed the main ones below:

Wardrobe Materials

What your fitted wardrobe is made from will certainly affect the cost of fitted wardrobes. Those which are built from scratch and made from oak and other expensive wood will obviously be more expensive than one which comes in a flat pack and is put together from MDF.

Size and Design Complexity

Fitted wardrobes that are extra wide will cost more in terms of materials and the additional labour hours to build them. It’s the reason the fitted wardrobe cost for a six-door, extra-wide version comes in at around £5000 – because it’s more difficult to design and stage compared to a standard three panel wardrobe with sliding doors.

Labour Costs

How much the labour costs are dependent on how complex your wardrobe is to build, as well as its size. It also depends on who you get to fit your built in wardrobe.

Additional Features

The type of internal features you want your fitted wardrobe to contain can also affect the cost of fitted wardrobes. And there are quite a few different sections and additions out there that you can choose from. This includes integrated LED lighting, pull-out shoe racks, a trouser rail, jewellery tray and double-handing clothes rails and shelving, for instance.

Finishes and Hardware

We’ve already mentioned the difference in cost between real wood and MDF, but other aspects include the type of handles you choose and whether you’d like your fitted wardrobes varnished or lacquered etc.

Types of Fitted Wardrobe

A fitted wardrobe can be customised to adapt to not just the look of your bedroom, but also its shape and height etc. Inside, your built in wardrobes can be designed to make the most of storage space in terms of your own lifestyle choices. This ensures there is no ‘waste of space’ either inside or out. Those fitted wardrobes with mirrored sliding doors are great for making a bedroom appear larger.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors make the most of a small bedroom. Instead of pulling out, the doors fit onto a runner and simply slide along. Inside it’s possible to have a number of different storage space systems such as shelving, hanging rails and drawers etc. This is the standard type of wardrobe today, especially if it has been customised for a new-build property.

Hinged Door Wardrobes

Hinged door wardrobes have doors that open out into the room itself. Like sliding door wardrobes, they can be made from wood or MDF and contain glass and metal. The doors can be made into a feature, with panelled squares or grooves etc. Inside there is the opportunity to customise to your particular tastes, although this can be limited with certain hinged door wardrobes.

Corner Wardrobes

Corner wardrobes, also known as L-shaped wardrobes, can be purchased ready-made or customised to fit your bedroom exactly. Like sliding door wardrobes, corner wardrobes are designed to maximise storage space in a small bedroom. In a large bedroom built in wardrobes can be used as a design choice. Again, they can be customised to your preferences

Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are those where the doors comprise a full-length mirror. These mainly take the form of sliding doors. One of the big advantages of a mirrored wardrobe is that it will blend in easily with any design theme you choose for your bedroom. It also means you don’t have to buy a separate stand-alone mirror for the room. The downside is they are more difficult to keep clean than a non-mirrored wardrobe (which only needs dusting now and again).

Modular Wardrobes

A built-in modular wardrobe is one which can be easily assembled. That’s because it consists of separate modules which can be changed around to fit in with whatever space you need at the time. In other words, they are extremely flexible. They come with different storage space choices, such as shelving, drawers, shoe racks, hanging rails etc. It’s also possible to add a module when you need extra storage space at a later date. Modular wardrobes can also be produced in a range of materials, such as wood, glass and metal. A walk-in wardrobe is a popular type of modular closet.

The inside of a wardrobe

The Process

How long it takes to install your fitted wardrobe depends on how large it is and how complex the job is. Usually, though, you can expect it to take anything from one to a couple of days.

DIY Vs Hiring a Professional

Unless you are a joiner and know exactly what you are doing, it is always best to get a professional to fit your wardrobe. The wardrobe in itself costs too much money to ruin it when you come to install it in a DIY fashion. It can also prove complicated and time-consuming (especially if you have many additional sections to add).

Finding Someone to Fit Wardrobes

It’s always a good idea to get at least three independent quotes when looking for a tradesperson for built in wardrobes. That way you will know what the average cost of fitted wardrobes in London or elsewhere in the UK, really is.

This is especially true if you are having the wardrobes built and fitted in a bespoke fashion ie they are built specially to suit the shape of your room and your lifestyle preferences. That way there will be a design as well as a build and fitting element.

It’s always a good idea to speak to built in wardrobe suppliers and joiners prior to choosing your wardrobe preferences. They will have the latest storage innovations which could suit you better than traditional storage space plans. It may be, for instance, that a walk-in wardrobe would suit you better – and provide more space – than a wall-fitted mirrored version with standard shelving and a hanging rail.

Hiring a wardrobe fitter to discuss your plans beforehand means you will also get a better idea of the materials available and how this will look with the rest of the furniture in your room.

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Ask them to supply reviews from previous clients and if you can look at images of their past projects. It’s also a good idea to check accreditations and ask if they have insurance in the event of a problem with the work (you don’t want to be thousands of pounds out of pocket, after all). The Guild of Master Craftsmen is one such membership area. So too is the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

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